Armani Jeans

  1. Rob
  2. March 4, 2011 10:45 am

Armani Jeans

Probably the most easily recognizable Jeans brand in the world, the Armani Jeans logo – the eagle, is synonymous with luxury, quality, exclusivity and design innovation.  Founded in 1981, the Armani Jeans division of the mighty Giorgio Armani Empire has remained at the top end of casual brands for 30 years.  Armani Jeans 30th anniversary was celebrated with some special products and branding on Jeans and Clothing for the A/W 2010 season.

Armani Jeans is perhaps the most colorful and branded collection from Giorgio Armani’s stable of brands.  Neither Emporio Armani nor Armani Collezioni usually strays from the simple, clean, monochromatic lines that are Giorgio Armani’s DNA.  Armani Jeans designers tend to “push the boundaries” in terms of colour, branding and styling.  Armani Jeans has been a consistent performer in the UK for much of its illustrious history. Armani Jeans is a huge collection that is edited per country to suit the domestic market.

Spring/Summer 2011 sees one of the best collections in recent years from the brand. Though typically a pretty expensive brand, Armani Jeans have introduced some beautiful leather jackets in recent seasons, retailing at under £500. There’s also faux leather in the collection, that looks and feels like leather, extroadinarily natural-looking.

Polos are in a variety of colours this season, I’d steer clear of the “basics”, just shy of £80, and splash out on one of the fabulous preppy stripes polo shirts, at around £105.

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