Italian casual menswear

  1. Rob
  2. June 7, 2011 7:44 am

Italian casual menswear
Being well dressed without feeling dressed up – That’s what it’s all about.
For many it may seem paradoxical to match an exclusive cashmere jumper or well tailored jacket with a sporty body warmer made with synthetic materials. But that’s exactly what Italian casual wear is all about.
Be brave and break the pattern.

While there are conservative and traditional voices in the world of men’s fashion that will always seek to distinguish smart and casual clothing, probably the vast majority agree that we generally see a more relaxed attitude to casual dress codes. However that does not mean that casual clothing is in anyway shabby or that no thought has gone into it. On the contrary, the quality and fit have become increasingly important – and that is something the Italian manufacturers really prove to be the case.

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