A New “Home” For our Designer Menswear Brands

  1. Rob
  2. October 19, 2010 9:41 pm

Converting the derelict flat above the store was, to say the least, a big job! Months of work was undertaken, with me acting as designer and project manager, without causing any disruption to the store (apart from the muffled sounds of banging, sawing and cursing). The idea was to finish as much as we possibly could before “knocking through” and installing the new staircase. Excitement grew as we neared completion, and our customers eagerly anticipated a new look Bagga Menswear with more than twice the floorspace.

A couple of images here to give an idea of the state the upper floor was in before we started. You could actually see daylight in places through the roof, and walls were literally crumbling in parts.  A lot of effort was needed to transform this space into an environment fit for retailing Paul Smith Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Jeans and more.

The objective of the whole whole painstaking process was to grow the Bagga business in spite of the imminent opening of Bluewater park, which was obviously going to be a massive draw for our customers.
I was really pleased to complete the entire job well within my budget of just £40,000.  All of this was financed by the business.
Shortly before it was time to “knock through” we held a massive sale, with nearly all brands, including Armani Jeans and Paul Smith Jeans, at half price.  The shop was looking pretty battered by now, inside and out. The sale was a massive success, and provided a big financial cushion that would take care of the planned two week closure.

This “teaser” was sent out to our entire database as soon as the store closed.  It was August Bank holiday, 13 builders had been working 7 days a week as the deadline loomed – now it was getting hairy as I faced two weeks without any trade at all.  And just when I really needed everyone to knuckle down for the home stretch, every single builder buggered of for the whole Bank holiday Weekend.  I’m usually quite laid back b nature but that weekend I did get just a bit stressed!

Large Scale Reductions – clever, eh?!! Just before the 2 week closure
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