A world of Denim – part 1

  1. Rob
  2. January 25, 2011 9:44 am

2011 will see a big dip in sales of denim. Chinos, combats and an array of fabric pants will all line up to take a slice of the market this year. A denim decline happened before, around 12 years ago, and it will happen again.
For a long while, though, it was a world of denim…….

Any retailer of fashion that aspires to any level of success has to have many talents.  Fundamental to ongoing success is anticipating the needs and desires of the target market, many months in advance.  The evolution of our denim offer over the years usually got this tactic spot-on.  Denim became the core business; an ever-growing array of brands and styles resulted in a breadth of denim brands and styles to suit every taste, body shape and budget.

G-Star Raw JeansG Star Jeans was brought into the fold very early in the brand’s growth cycle, as early as 2001. Customers took a while to get into the brand, as, at that time it was pretty much unheard of in the UK. The brand, as we all know, has grown into an International giant, with hundreds of stockists both online and on High Streets the length and breadth of the UK. Some of the best G-Star stockists are listed on BuyMenswear.co.uk

It’s really satisfying to identify the potential of a brand early, years ahead of the competition, and to watch it grow and flourish. We first picked up G Star Jeans at a small London tradeshow, where the brand was represented in a tiny space, on two chrome hanging rails.G Star now has vast tradeshow presence, and are the focal point of many European shows, creating a buzz with club-like restrictive entry, parties and very high-budget catwalk shows.
The denim offer from G Star has evolved intelligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. From the ubiquitous G Star Elwood jean, the brand now, literally, has something for any adult male. The addition of the G Star Arc Pant in some really sophistcated washes has kept the brand at the forefront of denim development.

Michiko Koshino Yen Jeans was also added to the mix at about the same time; an incredible brand, driven by Michiko’s creativity. Yen Jeans buying appointments were unique; it was impossible to allocate a budget before seeing the collection, as the brand veered wildly from season to season. There was a core style, the Yen Jeans “O” leg, but the collection that was built around this was completely unpredictable. Michiko’s ethos embodied some of the healthiest aspects of the fashion industry, relentlessly doing her own thing, sometimes at an acute tangent to the fashion “pack”.  The Yen Jeans brand had a fiercely loyal following, but ultimately Michiko’s avant garde approach contributed to the demise of the brand, around two years ago. I’m sure Yen Jeans will be resurrected at some point, and will probably take a more commercial approach to design.

More of our “denim world” to follow…….

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