Christmas 2007 – Sales Up 52%, But…….

  1. Rob
  2. November 22, 2010 10:20 am

Every Christmas is extremely stressful for clothing retailers – you’re sitting on a huge amount of stock, staring at a huge pile of bills, and waiting for it to happen.  When it does (and it always does), it’s madness, with the normal monthly turnover increasing by up to four times.  Due to the ram-raid, Christmas 2007 was particularly gruelling.  The staff were fantastic, everyone pulled together to make things go as smoothly as possible in the wake of the chaos caused by the raid.  December turnover was up 52% on the previous year.  Great figures, brilliant profits, but at the time I began to do a lot of soul-searching.  My passion for the business had always been about product – buying, finding new brands, working with brands etc. Now I was feeling a bit of a slave to the numbers, as a growing number of aspects of the business were robbing me of time to spend doing what I really loved.

We once created some 100% exclusive products in a collaboration with our friends at Evisu, signed and numbered just for us. It was a really exciting project, and exactly what I loved doing.  Looking back, I was daft not to have made the changes necessary to free up more of my time to concentrate on what I was best at, and enjoyed most. The business up to this point had been exciting, inspiring and, for most of the time, fun.  Now, at the peak of it’s success, the cold reality was that I didn’t like it much any more! I had pioneered web sales of designer Menswear online, had built an incredibly well regarded and successful business, but I wasn’t enjoying myself.

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