D & G Black Jacquard Tuxedo Blazer

  1. Rob
  2. March 23, 2011 12:36 pm

D & G Black Jacquard Tuxedo Blazer

When the occasion demands, it’s nice to pull something really special out the bag (or wardrobe) to fulfill the dress requirement without being too conventional.

Mate’s wedding? Royal Ascot? End of Season Football dinner? You don’t necessarily want to do the predictable “suited and booted”, but nor can you bend the rules of convention too sharply.
It’s great to wear jeans when you know you really shouldn’t, but to be able to carry it off, and have the satisfaction of getting away with it.

This Tuxedo Blazer from D&G will allow your rebellious outfits to be accepted, and probably receive some grudging admiration. I see this with a pair of  PRPS Jeans and maybe some patent boots and a crisp white shirt. The fabric is a beautiful woven jacquard with a slim contrasting lapel. It has a single vent, and is fully lined in silk. A fantastic piece to base a dress-code breaking outfit around.
This is a real investment piece, pretty timeless styling, but with an exquisitely tailored D&G twist.

D&G Black Jacquard Tuxedo Blazer

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