Elvis & Jesus

  1. Rob
  2. March 7, 2011 4:55 pm

Launched in 1997, Elvis Jesus draws heavily on musical influences, as well as a host of famous and infamous historical characters, the most notable of whom are Elvis & Jesus! The two iconic figures feature frequently in the designs of the Elvis Jesus collections, often in controversial depictions that pique the interest and invite a reaction.

From a niche brand with a cult following, Elvis Jesus has slowly but surely evolved into a desirable brand with an International following. Part of this admirable evolution has been the development of various categories within the collection, all with the ubiquitous Elvis Jesus twist.

Originally known as a T Shirt brand, Elvis Jesus now create unique jackets, Elvis Jesus Polo Shirts, Shirts, trousers and accessories. Each and every season, as soon as the new Elvis Jesus collection arrives, there is a mad rush as loyal Elvis Jesus devotees grab their fresh fashion fix. EJ now also have a fast-growing Ladieswear Collection.

Very tight distribution keeps Elvis Jesus very exclusive, with a limited number of stockists.

Here’s a few interesting facts about Elvis & Jesus:
Jesus is referred to as The King. Elvis is referred to as The King. Jesus is the son. Elvis recorded on the Sun record label. Jesus was a Jew. Elvis was of Jewish Lineage. Strange but true!!
Draw your own conclusions!!

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