1. Rob
  2. February 17, 2011 2:08 pm

Evisu Jeans & Clothing. Evisu Jeans was founded in Osaka, Japan, by Mr Hidehiko Yamane.

The initial production methods yielded just 12 pairs of jeans per day, with each pair being painstakingly hand-painted with the famous Evisu seagull, or Kamome, by Mr Yamane himself.

Originally called Evis, after the Buddhist god of prosperity. Evisu soon became a hit with the obsessive Japanese Denim fashionista, and rapidly developed a worldwide following.

In 1997, Jeans production begun on licence in Italy, using the famed Japanese Denim. From raw denim Jeans to bright, quirky Evisu T Shirts, knitwear, Jackets, Accessories and more, Evisu is an instantly recognizable brand. Why not can check out our great selection of Evisu Clothing right now, and see what your favourite pieces are ?

In 2009, the Evisu Jeans brand underwent some major changes, resulting in the appointment of Scott Morrison as CEO and creative Director.

Morrison has a formidable background having co-founded Paper Denim & Cloth and Ernest Sewn brands. Going forward, the Evisu Jeans and clothing collections are heavily inspired by real heritage styles, updated and given the unmistakable Evisu twist. Now enjoying worldwide success and plenty of fresh interest in the “new” Evisu Jeans collections, Evisu has over 400 shops worldwide. Evisu Genes, Evisu Shoos, Evisu European Edition and Evisu Kizzu are now all parts of the mighty Evisu Jeans empire.

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