Explosive growth – brands were flying

  1. Rob
  2. November 12, 2010 11:34 am

With the pressure of running the two stores removed, I was now able to really crack on building the web business.  The rate of growth was fantastic, with turnover and site visitors growing monthly.
Having stocked G Star for years, we quickly became established as the number one online stockist of the brand. The volume of G Star we were selling online was incredible for a small independent business.
The G Star shirt jackets were a best seller – I was buying around 60 per colour, per style, selling out at full price, and placing weekly repeat top-up orders with G Star.  Diesel Jeans was another brand we were absolutely flying with – again, we were the biggest one-store outlet in the UK at the time for Diesel Jeans.
I can’t believe how long it took a lot of the ‘big boys’ to see the potential of the web as a sales medium.
A lot didn’t go online until 2005 or 2006.  Huge traditional retailers were yet to embrace the world’s fastest growing sales medium, and we were cashing in very nicely.  Hindsight is always a wonderful thing, but I realize now that we were missing a trick, in a big way……

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