Folk Light Rainmac, For The English Summer!

  1. Rob
  2. March 23, 2011 11:22 am

Folk Light Rainmac, For The English Summer!

Ok, Ok, we’re pessimists. It’s a glorious sunny day today – a very welcome sight after months of everything looking like god forgot to colour it in. But we know, and you know, that for a noticeable chunk of our Summer…. it’s going to piss down with rain. Wimbledon, the Festival Season, the English Summer generally, all pretty moist at times. So, the need is here for a lightweight, very special piece to keep you feeling dry, adding aesthetic pleasure as you repel the showers. We’ve found a jolly good option for this, from Folk. The Folk Light Rainmac was a staple of the collection for a while; Cathal and the crew have given it a bit of a makeover, and it’s looking sharp. Made from waterproof Nylon, the Rainmac has some typical Folk-esque refinements; A removable hood with wax dipped cord adjusters; A pop-studded zip covering; natty little triangle detailing on the pocket corners, and an extra useful little zipped pocket. A winner from Folk Menswear – let it rain! Also available in navy and bronze!

Folk Light Rain mac

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