Funniest Job Interview Fashion Fails Ever

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  2. July 24, 2012 8:47 am

Funniest Job Interview Fashion Fails Ever

Like an appearance on Dragons’ Den, a job interview is a formal occasion – and your attire should reflect that. Dressing appropriately is an obvious ideology for most people, but there are those who don’t necessarily think like everyone else. These people are, quite frankly, idiots. If you don’t turn up to a job interview dressed in either a suit or a shirt and tie, you deserve to be in this list.

“I just don’t give a f…”

bad attitude clothing for job interview

Faux-leather jacket, dreadful hair, awful chain, and a t-shirt with a man holding his wedding vegetable whilst flipping the bird = an epic fail for an interview. What was he thinking?

Boobs = obvious play for job

business woman flaunting it

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Sure, but in a job interview? No. You may be good looking and sexy, but in a job interview you need to come across as professional – not, erm… *enter your own insult*.

Choose your trousers carefully

Terry Wogan Shows His Bollocks

Remember you’ll have to sit facing your interviewer, so choosing pants which don’t show your ‘package’ off is probably the best advice anyone can give.

Keep the suit generic

Pete Cambell's Suits Mad Men

You have a wacky personality – ok, we get it! But for your job interview, just keep it generic and boring. The last thing an interviewer wants is to be dazzled by your suit. Keep it fresh, neutral and, above all, classy.

No dickies

Kanye West Bow Tie

You’re not going to dinner, so do not wear a dickie-bow! Kanye West may be able to pull them off, but even he would look like an idiot wearing one for a job interview.

Trainers and a suit. LOL.

Nice suit somewhat spoiled by trainers

This isn’t a fashion-show; keep your trainers at home! Trainers should never be mixed with a suit – especially on a job interview.

No chest hair!

Jeremy Clarkson Chest Hair

Proud of your chest hair? Good for you, but for the job interview keep it hidden! It’s not that chest hair is something to be ashamed of, but if interviewers can see strands of hair peeking out of your shirt, it’s time to re-evaluate how you live your life.

Theme ties = fail

British Flag Tie

Your suit should scream ‘intelligence, class and charisma’, not ‘fun, humour and light-hearted banter’, so keep your tie as generic and as bland as possible, because nobody wants to see British-flag ties at a job interview.

Keep track-suits at home

Hoody Chavs

How track-suits are even still in existence is beyond anyone’s comprehension, but if you wear one for a job interview then you’re an idiot. No hoodies either!

No leather

Leather Jacket Over Suit

You probably want to wear some kind of jacket or coat over your suit, but please don’t let the material to be leather. That is not a good look and you are not a male-model. Keep it with the knitwear!

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