G Star Jeans Spring Summer Campaign – Let The Product Shine!

  1. Rob
  2. March 3, 2011 9:37 am

We’re loving the Mens G Star Jeans Spring Summer ad campaign. Blatantly eschewing the dull, formulaic fad for celebrity models, G Star choose instead the bulldog-esque features of none other than Magnus Carlsen to adorn the mags and the billboards. Who’s Magnus?  A chess grandmaster, of course.  Hardly rock n roll, is it? That’s why we’re loving it.  G Star clearly has the confidence to behave in accordance with their strapline of old – “just the product”; exactly how it should be.  Spring/Summer product is looking strong enough to ensure another good season for the company. Innovation in top-end denim washes will pay dividends, we think.

Although the G Star range is very broad, within it, every season, are some real denim gems that meet the needs of the fashion-forward perfectly. The smarter retailers are buying this way, and it shows through in their Spring/Summer G Star collection.  One of the biggest selection of G Star this season is at Republic.

Not wanting (or daring) to go all the way with the “just the product” ideal, Liv Tyler provides the eye-candy for the ladies collection this season.

G-Star Mens SS 2011

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