Men’s Fashion Survey reveals Gents Love to Shop

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  2. July 25, 2012 8:01 am

Men’s fashion has certainly been in the spotlight in recent months, with unforgettably stylish Men’s Fashion Week events being held in the cities of Milan, Paris and New York, and of course the launch of London’s first-ever Men’s Fashion Week. The most elite designers brought their unique flair to the catwalks; Moschino made an impact with bright pop-culture-inspired creations in Milan. Miharaysuhiro gave tailored suits a bold, artistic twist in Paris. New York’s runways were packed with an array of stylish and versatile ensembles and London showcased more than 60 men’s fashion presentations.

Fashion has long been considered a female-dominated domain, with shopping sprees and fashion crazes largely considered a “girl thing”. However, some interesting statistics about men’s fashion and clothing habits came to light this month, showing that many fashion-conscious males take their clothes and style more seriously than you’d expect…

Men’s Style Survey

The research, which forms part of a UK-wide study on the shopping habits of young male consumers, surveyed over 1000 men (in the 18-35 year age bracket) to find out more about their attitude towards men’s fashion and purchasing clothes. The survey yielded the following results:

• The average man typically goes shopping for clothes 15.3 times a year.
• The average amount of money spent on men’s fashion by these consumers works out to £658.37 a year.
• One quarter of the men surveyed clean out their closet once a year.
• More than one fifth of them admit to never clearing out their wardrobes at all!

Secret Style Stash

Ladies, ever told that little white lie “It was on sale”, when that to-die-for new dress was merely “for sale” and you’d rather not tell your man just how much you spent on the latest addition to your wardrobe? This study reveals you’re not alone! Plenty of UK men – in fact more than 50% of those surveyed – have also admitted to hiding their new fashion purchases from their partners. Most do this to avoid disclosing how much money they spend on clothes; others (17%) simply feel their partners won’t approve of their fashion choices and will try to change their style; and 27% of men said they hide fashion purchases from their partners simply because they know the ladies are hiding the same thing from them!

With so many exciting developments in the world of male fashion, it’s hardly surprising to see the typical “man-in-the-street” following current, cutting edge trends with the same enthusiasm as their female counterparts; this survey has certainly turned many a fashion and shopping stereotype on its head. It’s great to see the guys embracing men’s fashion trends, but every style-savvy shopper should know it’s easy to get into some bad habits; guys, clear out your wardrobes regularly by donating old clothes you haven’t worn for a full year, and don’t hide your men’s fashion purchases from the ladies; it’s likely they’d be thrilled to learn you care about fashion as much as they do!

Image Credit: CC image from Vitaly Gariev Flickr

Thanks to our guest author, Nicky Warner who loves blogging about all things fashion related, and says this latest fashion survey certainly answers a lot of questions about all the designer ties she’s started seeing in her boyfriend’s wardrobe!

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