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  2. March 30, 2011 11:11 am

my-wardrobe Menswear.

Way back in 2006, with the formidable Sarah Curran at the helm, was launched.  Initially for ladieswear, my-wardrobe was a fairly glitzy affair; the team obviously had the right connections, as the PR was everywhere, in the “right” publications.

The site was emerging as a popular boutique-style destination for well-heeled fashion hungry young women, with catchy features such as My-TV, broadcasting product overviews and style tips.

Fast-forward to 2009, my-wardrobe launched Menswear. At the time I questioned whether the formula would work for Menswear, it all seemed a bit too “luvvy” and complicated for my liking. Blokes like simple shopping, whether in store or online, and, at the time, the site had a bit too much of a “magazine” feel to it; not enough obvious, easy routes through the collections to the checkout.

There were whisperings in the industry that Menswear would be axed, despite an enviable launch line-up including Paul Smith, Polo Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood. The Menswear site did seem to struggle for a couple of seasons, but, strip back the hype and the seeds were being sown by the very green-fingered Curran for what would develop into arguably one of the UK’s very best Menswear sites. It’s no easy thing to operate a web shop with designer clothing for both men and women – it sounds easier than it is !

With a recent cash injection from VC Balderton Capital of around £6m, the company is now looking to expand overseas, as well as developing and broadening the brands and categories on offer.

With a trophy cabinet full of awards including best customer service, shopping at my-wardrobe is safe and easy, and with the benefit of a highly trained customer team to answer any queries. From time to time we offer a promotional code for free delivery. In 2011 the site had a big makeover and is looking better than ever. We love the style feed for when you are looking for inspiration, and as you might have come to expect from a brand positioned at the luxury end of the market, delivery is very fast with some nice options in the checkout for free luxury packing or as an alternative, go minimalistic and help save the planet! review

Navigation is a doddle, and the presentation of product is near-perfect, with both fully styled shots on a live model (always my preference), and “flat” shots of each piece, it’s about as close as you can get online to “hands-on” shopping.  The portfolio of brands is really cool, mixing the hard-core winners such as Nudie Jeans, Barbour and Belstaff with some of the emerging genre of “superior simplicity” from the likes of Mark McNairy, Universal Works and Our Legacy.

A focussed approach to the addition of brands will, I hope safeguard My-Wardrobe from the scatter-gun approach of bigger online stores that confuse the visitor with too many brands with little cohesion.

Additions that we would like to see are Nigel Cabourn, Fjallraven, Folk and Oliver Spencer.

We would be very surprised if they don’t make an appearance pretty soon.

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