Out-of-hours visitors, AKA Ram-raiders December 2007

  1. Rob
  2. November 21, 2010 9:44 pm

Late one evening in December 2007. I’d had a few beers, and thoroughly enjoyed watching Chelsea beat Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. Getting off the tube at Victoria, I noticed I had about 20 missed calls on my mobile, from a member of staff.  The warehouse had been ram-raided. Fantastic. Quickly sobering up, I got there as quickly as I could, and couldn’t believe the scene that awaited me.  Thieving scum had built a “battering ram” on the back of a flat-bed lorry, and demolished a huge section of solid, victorian-built wall, taking a door and half a window out for good measure.  An eye-witness had seen a team of thieves wearing balaclavas, gloves and mining lamps on their heads, loading up designer menswear with a retail value of around £50,000 into another waiting van. A huge amount of Armani Jeans, Diesel Jeans, Artful Dodger and other brands were stolen, in the peak two weeks trading period of the year. I can’t find the images of the devastation from this event, but I’ll post them up when I do.  Anyway, fast-forward a bit – another ram-raid, in March 2008 on the same premises, this time much less serious in terms of losses, but just as much stress and hassle.  Here’s some of the handywork of the second ram-raid in 3 months:

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