Pick Pockets (we do)

  1. Rob
  2. March 15, 2011 6:42 pm

Pick Pockets (we do)

British summer time will arrive in a couple of weeks – one of my favourite days of the year.

Still pretty chilly in my neck of the woods, but the sun keeps threatening to warm us up a bit, and the very welcome signs of spring are starting to appear.

I can never decide whether I prefer winter or summer clothing… both have their pros and cons I suppose; there’s a lot more versatility to the winter wardrobe, as layering and outerwear come into play, but I think my preference is actually summer dressing – I’m a slightly lazy dresser, and it’s much easier.

I love really warm days wear you can wear as few as 4 single items and still be adequately dressed (two flip-flops, one pair of shorts, one T Shirt. Commando, of course)! With so few garments it’s important to be a bit choosy about which to wear; the ubiquitous Polo Shirt is an obvious choice, but, for a moment, let’s turn our attention to the humble T Shirt. So, what’s happening for Spring/Summer 2011?

A revolution in the world of T Shirts…. Wait for it…. Pockets! This is actually an embryonic trend that’s set to grow quite quickly, and I think it’s brilliant!Designer T-Shirts With Pockets

There’s only so much you can do with a basic T Shirt, but the addition, in a variety of forms this season, of breast pockets does actually create a much more interesting piece, with a bit more of a sartorial kick than a completely bog-standard T Shirt.

Now this isn’t a traffic-stopping, jaw-dropping innovation…. It’s just a great little touch – the kind of styling we love at thefashionthing. We’re not into “high fashion”; neon suits, sheer crop tops et al – we just love nice, understated, properly made clobber. And the pocket T Shirt is a good example of our style.  Folk,  Stussy, Norse Projects, Oliver Spencer and more are all serving up their own interpretation of the pocket T Shirt this season -where these guys lead, others follow.

From tonal, subtle, ordinary-looking pockets to contrasting fabrics and colours, there are hundreds of options out there. It’s mainly decent designers right now who have the pocket styles in the stores, but I guarantee the High Street will jump on this in a big way – by the middle of summer this year there will hardly be a T Shirt on the High Street without the adornment of the pocket.

But by then, the designers will be moving on again…. Watch this space!  We’ve shown a few of our favourite pocket T Shirts so far this season; please let us know your thoughts.

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