Sperry Topsider Boatshoe in Navy Canvas.

  1. Rob
  2. March 23, 2011 11:53 am

Sperry Topsider Boatshoe in Navy Canvas.

We have to admit, we’re not massive fans of the boat shoe/ deck Shoe. A couple of Summers back, the look was ripped to shreds by the Hoxton Hipsters that saw it as a necessary uniform.
We don’t like it when a trend evolves so forcefully. Worn right (and not every day), they’re cool, but we feel that the arse has been ripped out of the look. Just a bit. Having said that, this Boat Shoe from (Perhaps the daddy of the Nautical shoe) Sperry Topsiders is, without doubt, outstanding.

Different, without trying too hard, these are going to look great after a bit of authentic weathering; paddling with the kids, walking home from the pub in the rain, whatever your preference. Made from a sturdy canvas, the shoe incorporates the “360″ lacing system, that extends around the back of the shoe.

Sperry has been making Boat shoes since 1935, originally manufacturing for sailors. Consequently, they’re not just a fashion item, but a beautifully crafted bit of kit with real Heritage – made properly, to last, like all of our favourite pieces. Canvas uppers, Rubber Soles, Strong Leather laces. Get the nautical look, without getting the “victim” look.

Sperry Topsider Navy Canvas Boat Shoe

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