The Credit Crunch – Time To Retreat?

  1. Rob
  2. December 16, 2010 12:02 pm

Summer 2008, reeling from the effects of two huge raids, and fully expecting more.  The effect of the global monetary crisis was also beginning to kick in.  Our buying budget was reduced for Autumn/Winter 2008, and we begun to pull in the reins, quite drastically.  The troublesome warehouse was vacated, and a temporary “home” was found for the web business.  Very secure, but not exactly palatial, it would have to do.  Any more raids and our insurance cover would be withdrawn.  So, thousands of pounds spent on the move to the warehouse, making it pretty much “bomb-proof” (but not transit van proof), installing alarms, IT, etc etc, all down the pan.

From June 2008 the business was run from here…….

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