The Name – Why Bagga Menswear?

  1. Rob
  2. September 27, 2010 11:10 am

I’d given loads of thought to naming the store, but had been going round in circles.  Didn’t want anything cheesy, didn’t want anything obvious. I’d read an entire Italian dictionary, looking for a nice Italian noun to use – no joy.  Then I thought about some of the existing (and surviving) stores, with cool names.  Woodhouse and Zee & Co I thought were great names – particularly Zee & Co.  Catchy, short, easy to pronounce, and, very importantly, easy to read. So, I wanted a name with all of those attributes, that would stick in people’s minds.  A made-up word was the answer.  Bagga came to mind during a brain-storming session one evening, and it ticked all the boxes.  It was a great name, and a great name is so important.  So many retailers really miss a trick here. Your name forms the basis of your brand.  Whatever brands you sell, over the years they will inevitably change, but your brand name will remain, and it is far more important than any of the brands you stock.  The name Bagga piqued the interest of so many people over the years.  We were constantly asked “where does the name come from” and “what does it mean”.  Every time I heard these questions I was satisfied we still had a great brand name – the very fact that people allowed themselves time to wonder about a brand name confirmed that it was doing it’s job – provoking thought, and lodging in the consumer’s memory.  The Bagga brand, although relatively small, had huge awareness internationally, which was a fantastic achievement.

The choice of name came well before the days of widespread internet usage.  I only discovered years after creating the brand that Bagga is also an Indian surname!


Bagga Menswear Shop
The First Bagga Store, shortly after opening day – April 1994 


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