The parties – pretty good (vague memories)

  1. Rob
  2. October 12, 2010 9:06 am

Of course, the fashion business is renowned for partying, and there were some pretty good ones over the years.  My interest in attending waned over the years as my tolerance to alcohol declined and my family head-count ascended, but I can (vaguely) recall some absolute belters;

1996, and a new show was launched in London.  40 degrees created a real buzz in the industry that I don’t think has been equalled since.  A docklands venue was the setting, all of the best brands exhibited, and visitor numbers were huge.  After the show, a fleet of red buses ferried the crowds to an East-end warehouse, where a huge budget had been allocated for free food and drink – served by dozens of models bearing silver trays. Anyone who remembers this party will recall it was one of the best ever!

Really decent house DJs played until the early hours….A pal of mine was trying desperately to set light to an 8 foot tall, stilt-walking transvestive at about 3 am.  Very strange.

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