The Post – Christmas Sale

  1. Rob
  2. December 29, 2010 12:58 pm

Of course, the traditional “January Sale” starts as early as November these days.  For years we held off going on sale until the first week of January – partly to retain our all-important profit margin, and partly through a sense of pride, and the desire to retain an element of tradition.  Over the last five years or so, the big players such as Republic, House Of Fraser and others have forced the hands of designer independants, and there are now very few that do not launch a sale pre-Christmas. Fantasic for the consumer, obviously, but damaging for the profitability and credibility of a lot of smaller retailers.  In some countries there are regulated sale periods, largely to protect the retail industry; this has been a contentious issue in the UK for years, where the seasonal sale has evolved into a real free-for-all, with the constant trade-off between cash-flow and profitability.

The savvy consumer has woken up to the fact that if he (or she) wants to buy G Star Jeans, Stone Island, Evisu Jeans, or any other designer brand at Christmas, as long as they hold their nerve, and are prepared to take a chance on delivery and availabilty, the chances are they’ll get exactly what they want and save a few quid.  The retail industry only has itself to blame, as this has been a consistent pattern for a good few years now. It’s not to say this is unique to fashion to retail – it’s the same situation in other sectors including the travel industry.

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