Adidas Originals

Adidas OriginalsWhat do Franz Beckenbauer, Run DMC, Ian Brown, Snoop Dog, Noel and Liam Gallagher, David Beckham, Missy Elliot and Daft Punk all have in common? Their preference for the brand with the three stripes. Founded in 1920 Adidas is of course one of the worlds leading sports clothing and footwear companies, to avoid getting boring and too technical, through Adidas Originals they keep coming up with fresh new collections, many of which are cool collaborations.

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Adidas Originals trainers.
In 1996 Adidas separated the brand in three divisions: Adidas Originals, Adidas Sport Performance and Adidas Style Essentials. These product groups have different focuses, which can be seen on the shoe design and technical execution. Adidas Originals is focused on fashion and lifestyle. The collections from adidas Originals are epitomized by the classic three-blade logo that was introduced in 1972. With a unique heritage in the sporting world mixed with a street credibility, the adidas Originals is an inspirational brand that fits today’s trend-conscious consumers.

The three Adidas stripes – an important feature of the shoes.
Adidas shoes and apparel are characterized by the three bars that adorn the product – “die drei Streifen”. They were made from the beginning because they had a stabilizing function of sport shoes and they were early in the Adidas story a clear sign. Adidas also began later to use the three stripes on the German national teams tracksuits sponsored by Adidas, which got their big break during the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 and the World Cup in West Germany 1974

Originally, Adidas had a globe as a symbol but in 1972 it established the Adidas logo we know today – “Dreiblatt” or “trefoil”. In the 1990s, Adidas wanted to evolve their profile and scrapped the old symbol. In 1992 an alternative symbol was created which in 1996 evolved into today’s Adidas logo.

Adidas shoes – Impossible is nothing!
Adidas aims to be a world beater, to be the largest manufacturer of athletic footwear and apparel, the brand with the three stripes is currently the second largest in the world (after Nike). Adidas has a wide range of professional shoes for athletes, as well as stylish trainers for everyday wear. Adidas’ motto “Impossible is Nothing” says something about how high you aim with the professional shoes and attitude pervades even with the shoes that Adidas have for everyday use. The essential feature of Adidas shoes are the classic three stripes, a design element that has remained a constant.

Adidas Originals – Latest Collection News :

Adidas collaboration with David Beckham continues. Today released collection called – take a deep breath now – adidas Originals by Originals – David Beckham by James Bond in the store.

This is the second season Adidas will release a collection that carries the football player’s name, but Beckham only contributes as an inspiration – and his name. James Bond from Undefeated streetwear label has been designed garments which undoubtedly influenced by Posh-spouse’s private style. The collection breathes luxury sporty with modern silhouettes and exotic materials such as cashmere and silk.