Diesel Jeans

Texas Olsson Diesel Campaign

Founded in 1978 in Molvena, Italy by Renzo Rosso. Diesel has, over the decades built itself up to be an integral part of the global denim and youth culture. Since the beginnings, the design focused on Styles for men with an individual style looking for high quality. The best online shops to buy Diesel are Mainline Menswear and Zalando.co.uk with Besides the good old pair of jeans DIESEL convinced today with collections of shoes, accessories,tops and outerwear in all its forms – and it does that, without getting pigeon holed to one specific “scene” such as hip-hop, or the casuals or the mods. The Italians know that they are easy to market: their spectacular advertising campaigns, which are always accompanied with lots of pictures and films are as much discussed as legendary and often meet the spirit of the times – much like the corresponding fashion.