G-Star Raw Summer 2012
The G Star Raw philosophy “Just the product” shines through in all aspects of the G Star collection, from Jeans and combats, to Hoodies, Sweatshirts and knitwear, G Star coats and jackets and a fabulous G Star accessories collection. The brand has been the biggest men’s denim success story of the last two decades. The G Star Elwood Jean was originally launched in 1996 – variations of the fit are still some of G Star’s best selling Jeans styles. A strong military/utility influence has always been prevalent in jackets and combats from G Star, but the collection now includes much smarter, cleaner shapes and fabrics such as the G Star Correct Line, with beautiful shirts, jackets and knitwear.

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G-Star Raw Jeans Logo

G Star has also collaborated with world renowned designer Marc Newson producing Sweats, knits and jackets from superior fabrics, with Marc Newson’s twist. Whatever your size or shape, there is a G Star Jeans style to suit you. From the slim, high-fashion G Star Arc Jean to the Radar Low Loose, a very wide selection of G Star Jeans is available. The last couple of seasons has seen the introduction of the best denim washes G Star has ever produced, a far cry from the basic raw denim and rinses that still form a large element of the core G Star Jeans offer. G Star need to stay on their toes now the market has reached saturation, and to continually re-invent and innovate, pushing the fashion boundaries and expanding the range, embracing and fine-tuning new categories.

G-Star Jeans

G-Star Raw lumberjack shirt

G-Star 3301 jeans

Choose from a huge range of jeans and chinos, military inspired winter coats, warm autumn hoodies, jumpers and knitwear, expertly tailored shirts and a massive colourful range of t shirts that carry the G Star logo across the chest.

G Star is a phenomenal brand that just seems to grow and grow season by season. If you’re not excited by the clothing range then why not check out the accessories and little add-ons that include winter gift packs, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, underwear, wallets and much more.