Sutsu Formation T-Shirt (White)

Sutsu are an exciting new arrival to and we hope to see a lot more from them.

Editors Pick - Buy Now Or Regret It Later ! Sutsu FORMATION - A white T-Shirt with cute, colourful clouds on it.

All the above is true and if you don't buy this T-Shirt right now, you will regret it later. And that's also a fact. Clouds come in every Shape, Form and Colour... SPECIFICATIONS White Short Sleeve, Round Neck T-Shirt From Sutsu. 100% Combed Organic Cotton Jersey 160g/4.95oz. Sutsu logo Embroided sleeve tab detail and printed back yoke. Front Print Placement. Alternative Description : Sutsu Man's T-shirt. Large print across the front with clouds in lots of colors. This is a playful and stylish t-shirt that makes you happy. T-shirt deisgn is created by illustrator Jake Blanchard and the shirt comes from the environmentally conscious surf brand Sutsu.